Anita's Shell Beads - Summer 2009

Olive Shell curls - $6.00/strand

Olive Shell whole - $6.00/strand


White Clam Heishi - $3.50/strand

Troca Shell (asst. shapes) - $9.00/strand


Choco Orchard - $7.50/strand

Choco Orchard Twists - $12.00/strand


Luhanus Shell bird fetishes - $2.75 pk/12

Luhanus Shell fish and seahorse fetishes - $2.75 pk/6


Green Lip (top) and Gold Lip (bottom) mosaic beads (16mm) - $1.25 each


Red Lip shell curls - $6.75/strand


Kebe shell hearts and coins - $9.00/strand


Popcorn or Everlasting shell curls (top) - $9.00/strand

Pink Conus shell beads (bottom) - $6.75/strand


Voluta shell curls - $6.75/strand

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